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As part of Chinese learning at Inter-Cultural Chinese Center Ho Polytechnic, the Director of the Center Bright Agah together with an I3C team member from China by name Nana paid a warm visit to their students at Ho Polytechnic on  Tuesday 1st September, 2015.


During their visitation they throw more light on the program, the scholarship and how they can help facilitate the learning and teaching of Chinese. They also divert into addressing some  of the challenges faced by the students in teaching and learning of Chinese.


Nana also helped share some life experiences in China with the students and how they act as middle men between the their affiliated institutions in Asia and the students body.


As the saying goes all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, it was finally crown with the entertainment  where they rehearse the song thought by the Director entititled Peng You (Friendship) in Chinese Language.


I3C Directors paid visit to their students at Ho Polytechnic